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The Path to Medicine

the path to medicine

As the white coat slipped over Charlotte Gopinath’s shoulders, she took the first step toward becoming a doctor; with the support of her husband and daughters, it’s a path she won’t embark on alone.

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PTs Connect with Special Olympics Athletes

PTs connect with special olympics athletes

The main gym at Catholic University of America in late September was a cacophony of laughter and chatter as health care professionals and students provided health services and education for young Special Olympics athletes.

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A Progression of Science

Allan Goldstein

Allan Goldstein’s office, a narrow room with a bank of windows overlooking the George Washington University (GW) campus, is a tribute to the octogenarian who occupies it. A bulletin board displays a collage of photos of the well-known researcher shoulder to shoulder with scientific greats — Jonas Salk, for one.

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A Game-Changer in Hookworm Infection


Hookworm, a chronic parasitic infection primarily affecting children in poor, rural areas of the tropics, counts more than 400 million infected around the globe, but two George Washington University (GW) researchers believe they have a game-changer on their hands: a potential vaccine.

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