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There’s No Place Like Home

Resident Esosa Imasuen, MD, Says Her Career Was Molded by the Places She’s Lived and Worked

By Katherine Dvorak

A home is often defined simply as a place where one lives, but for Esosa Imasuen, MD, the word paints a more diverse picture. For her, home is the people, cultures, and experiences that have shaped her and led her to where she is today: in residency at the George Washington University (GW).

Following a Calling

Family history of breast cancer drives MD student’s passion for oncology, health equality

By Katherine Dvorak

Rehema Thomas knows firsthand the negative impacts of social determinants of health; her mother and two aunts had breast cancer and one of her aunts died from the disease. Now in medical school at the George Washington University (GW), she sees everything through that lens.

Transformative Medicine

A Medical Mission as a Third-Year Medical Student Provided David Rapp, MD ’01, with a Global Perspective on Health Care

By Thomas Kohout

There are those who talk about what needs to be done, and those who just do it. It’s safe to say David Rapp, MD ’01, falls into the “just do it” column.

The Innovator

Gail Lebovic, MD ’86, Turns Passion for Problem Solving into Creation of Medical Devices

By Katherine Dvorak 

Gail Lebovic, MD ’86, can confidently look back on her decades as a surgeon and an entrepreneur and see the effect her work has had in the field of women’s health care, and particularly on innovative surgery for women with breast cancer.