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First In The Family

By Ashley Rizzardo

Many people who go into medicine have been dreaming about it since they were very young — one or both parents may have been physicians, for example. Some, however, realize their passion for medicine without having such early exposure. Rachel Zemel was one of the latter. Read more

In Support of Healthy Eating and Exercise

By Caroline Trent-Gurbuz

Weight loss, as propagated on countless reality television shows, podcasts, and news articles, should be easy: Burn more calories than you ingest. In real life, that simple formula feels more theoretical than practical, yet there is one X factor that Ginger Winston, MD, associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, has been exploring: the impact of personal support systems. Read more

A Search for Identity

By Katherine Dvorak

Assistant professor. Researcher. Author. These are just some of Robert Turner’s current roles. But that wasn’t always the case. He once viewed himself as only one thing: a professional football player.
“I adopted that role, and it shaped … how I saw myself and how others saw me,” says Robert Turner, PhD, assistant professor of clinical research and leadership at the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS). Read more

Sullivan’s Travels In Emergency Care

By Katherine Dvorak

As an EMT in college, Natalie Sullivan, MD, would rush her patients through the outer doors of the ambulance bay and into the bright lights of the emergency room, but from there she could go no further. Each time, her desire to stay with the patient was strong — she couldn’t shake the urge to play a greater role in their care. Read more