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Outside the Wire

Jessica Basso shifts from military medic to GW MD student

By: Katherine Dvorak

In 2007 on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq, Jessica Basso accompanied a convoy “outside the wire,” beyond the confines of her U.S. Army forward operating base. Then the worst happened — a suicide vehicle-borne IED hit her unit. It was a watershed moment for the young Army medic.

Breaking Big League Barriers

By: Katherine Dvorak

In September 1933, the Pittsburgh Steelers, then called the Pittsburgh Pirates, took to the gridiron for the first time to play the New York Giants. Seventy years later, in a role still dominated by men, Robin West, MD ’97, RESD ’02, added to the team’s storied history as assistant team physician for 11 seasons and three Super Bowls.

Elliott Jermyn Keeps the Training on Track

By: Katherine Dvorak

On a typical weekday, Elliott Jermyn, PT ’01, ATC, rises before the sun and makes his way to Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia. As the clock strikes 7 a.m., a slew of National Football League (NFL) players enter the training room; maybe quarterback Kirk Cousins, or outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, possibly wide receiver Jamison Crowder. As the men shuffle in, Jermyn, the Redskins’ physical therapist (PT) and assistant athletic trainer, gets to work.