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A Broader Perspective on Health Care

Dual-Degree MD/MPH Program Helps Students Link Patient Care to the Community By Katherine Dvorak nside the walls of a hospital or clinic, physicians only get a glimpse of their patients’ lives, and for MD/MPH student Ciara Brown that’s not enough. She wants to know about their lives outside the four walls, about the world in […] Read more

Healthy Jobs

GW Health Sciences Provides Critical Skills for Successful Careers By Katherine Dvorak  ealth care is a constantly changing industry, and many advances are moving the field in directions previously unimagined. Amid these changes, the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) is focusing on filling workforce gaps and helping health care […] Read more

Homing in on Health Equity

Educational Series Sets Faculty Up for Success By Katherine Dvorak ealth is commonly considered a fundamental human right. So is freedom from inequities due to differential access to quality care. That’s why health equity has been a key element of the George Washington University (GW) School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ (SMHS) strategic goals for […] Read more

A Second Act

Sanjay Maggirwar, PhD, MBA, Hopes to Lead MITM Department in Novel Directions By Katherine Dvorak fter serving as vice chair for the Microbiology Department at Rochester University for many years, Sanjay Maggirwar, PhD, MBA, knew it was time to consider moving into a full chair job, to at least test the waters of what was […] Read more