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Sullivan’s Travels In Emergency Care

By Katherine Dvorak

As an EMT in college, Natalie Sullivan, MD, would rush her patients through the outer doors of the ambulance bay and into the bright lights of the emergency room, but from there she could go no further. Each time, her desire to stay with the patient was strong — she couldn’t shake the urge to play a greater role in their care. Read more

The Sharp Focus of Mohammad Ali Aziz-Sultan

By Thomas Kohout

The family photo, faded and slightly worn, tells a story. The muted tones recall a sunny day in Kabul, before the family fled the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Leaving everything behind — money, possessions, privilege, and professions — the family escaped with 10 others in the back of a pickup truck. Dour faces stare into the camera, all except that of one boy, who smiles broadly without a hint of anxiety, as only a 6-year-old can.
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