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Taking Charge

By: Thomas Kohout

Thomas J. LeBlanc, PhD, stepped to the lectern at center stage in the Charles E. Smith Center for his inauguration as the George Washington University’s (GW) 17th president on Nov. 13. The event marked just the sixth time in the last 90 years that GW has celebrated the installation of a new university leader. Read more

Taking Away Fear of the Unknown

On a Monday in early June 2017, Danielle Collins went to Pilates like any other day. But during the class she felt a sharp pain in her head, forcing her to leave early. She chalked it up to a bad migraine, but after two days of suffering through the pain, Collins decided to see a doctor, only to discover she was experiencing life-threatening bleeding in her brain. Read more

A Game-Changer in Hookworm Infection

By: Caroline Trent-Gurbuz

Hookworm, a chronic parasitic infection primarily affecting children in poor, rural areas of the tropics, counts more than 400 million infected around the globe, but two George Washington University (GW) researchers believe they have a game-changer on their hands: a potential vaccine. Read more

A Virtual Reality Check

By: Caroline Trent-Gurbuz

The black and bulky headset fits snugly, though Aalap Herur-Raman, senior virtual reality program lead from Surgical Theater, can adjust the straps as needed. When he taps on the keyboard in front of a pair of computer screens, it’s impossible not to peer through the binocular-like eyepiece as the image — upside down, per the surgical point of view — zooms into a skull, revealing a maze of colorful vasculature and brain matter. Read more