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Help for Those at a Higher Risk

Major Gift by Ruth Uppercu Paul Funds Genetic Counselors and Patient Assistance Support

By Kristin Hubing

Those who know Ruth Uppercu Paul best recall a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye. “She had a wonderful sense of humor and a quick wit,” says Christine Clemens, a close friend of Paul’s for more than two decades. “She was a great conversationalist who would regale us with tales of her youth and her travels.” The vibrant individual whom Clemens remembers hasn’t been present since a debilitating stroke in 2012, but she is far from forgotten by those whose lives she touched — a list that will now include countless women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, as well as persons with hearing impairment. Read more

Supporting the Human Side of Medicine

By Laura Otto

As a pathologist, Yolanda C. Oertel, M.D., RESD ’72, always tried to practice medicine using both her head and her heart. Over a career spanning more than three decades, her two-pronged approach bore the stamp of medical humanities — the interdisciplinary field that applies humanities, the arts, and social sciences to medicine — a fact Oertel believes always made her a better pathologist. “As physicians we have the brainpower, but we have to remember that we also have a heart and it needs to be nourished by the arts and humanities,” she says. Read more